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Goal Setting

Learn how to set goals that you can commit to.

Relationship Coaching

Discover the power of forging strong relationships. 

Stress Management

 How to cope with stressful situations and thrive.


Career Advice

Take charge of your career and lead from the front.

 Find Success With Executive Coaching

The chance to build exploration into the team

Learn how to break out of your routine and recapture the spirit of your teenage years. Find ways to structure your day and be more efficient, effective and productive.

What Is Executive Coaching?

How Executive Coaching Works

Our executive coaching service is designed to help you clarify personal and professional goals, how these are aligned to the Brand, and identify action steps to achieving success. Each session is private and confidential, and can be taken before and after Brand Work Sessions.

Who Benefits the Most?

Some clients of our executive coaching service are founders and owner-operators. You have been successful in developing your “start-up business” and now want to move to the next stage – sustainable and profitable growth that makes sense to you. Our executive coaching service helps you explore more fully “what makes sense to you”, helping you to build a well-grounded and articulated vision for that next stage.

What Do We Cover?

i-dbrand is about helping your business grow by building strong brands. Your team is integral to that brand- building process. Your key people need to fully understand and appreciate how their role contributes to the brand. Our executive coaching service helps individual team members explore and clarify personal and professional goals, how their role contributes to the Brand and develops personal development plans aligned to the Brand.

Doris Sew Hoy


Doris has over 15 years of experience as a leadership and executive coach. She works with senior managers and directors to achieve their personal and professional goals. Her interest in Personal Branding has been cultivated from her years as a coach, and her personal journey to develop more of her own innate strength as a communicator and marketer.

Doris discovered her passion for people and growth from teaching Marketing and Business Development at Ashridge Management College. She was an economist for the New Zealand Government in energy forecasting and planning, and then the London Stock Exchange in deregulation of the securities markets. She is originally from New Zealand of Chinese-ethnic heritage.

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