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Working with the brand team, the sessions are guided by skilled facilitators. The team works through the all the key implications of current and  future brand elements. These are ranged into competitive scenarios to ensure they are robust in various market situations. Bring energy and integrity to these sessions – they are rigorous. The session should give the brand both the commercial and strategic direction going forward.

The experience of all Partners draws on global and multi- sector knowledge to ensure the strategy is both commercially viable. The steps for investment or management will be drawn up in a five year plan.

The brand strategy and brand positioning need to be closely refined to work effectively and realistically.

i-dbrand takes care to ensure the team are motivated behind the proposals and follows up on execution working closely with clients along the brand journey.



Our worksession brings together the key brand team. We review the  positioning and strategic strength of the business. By bringing in personal executive coaching, we help the brand team to talk about the culture of the brand and how it can evolve.

Brand Positioning

The brand positioning picks up on all the brand elements in the brand worksession. We develop the key Brand Nucleus (R) and ensure the resulting words are carefully chosen, to give the brand both energy and direction. 

Brand Options

Brand options are developed from the initial positioning and tested and picked apart. We provide illustrations of how the brand may look and feel in further worksessions.


Brand Modelling

Brand modelling base on the options outcomes ensures the thinking is simple and direct, but importantly single minded. Modelling is used to train your brand managers using brutal honesty. At Saatchis  – that is how we were trained.

Creative Strategy

We use highly experienced designers copywriters to develop the creative work. Writing a good creative brief is where we begin.



From the early brand development we spend time understanding your audiences, the writing flows from this point. Our scripts engage audiences and deliver strong viewing results. 



Brand Management

It is always important to get the brand managed well moving forward – we can help structure this stage

Team Coaching

Building the brand team and giving them the tools to manage the changes is delivered by our Exec Coaching team – usually group sessions

Executive Development

This is more specialist work on both personal and brand goals. Our Exec coaching experience works better in one2one sessions.




 Brand models can vary – ours have been adapted and remain relevant over time but have not changed significantly for over twenty years. They work.

Brand models ensure the thinking is simple and direct, but importantly single minded. They have been used to train future brand thinkers and graduates. They demand brutal honesty. At Saatchi’s  – that is how we were trained.

We worked with the Law courts of London to produce a strategic positioning which was rooted in the heritage of London but relevant globally. We created this video to showcase the brand positioning.

our Work

We have carried out brand strategies for a wide number of clients over the past 8 years.

Royal Courts of Justice


St. George’s Hill Golf Club

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