Defining your brand

i-dbrand offers brand and design services through facilitating workshops and executive coaching. Our approach is simple and refined with broad multi-sector experience.

Founded in 2012, we are based in Surrey just 40 mins from London, and our work is for businesses looking to strengthen their positioning, imagery and presence.

Our expertise combines building cultures and brands together – to help them thrive.

What we do

We help small and medium sized businesses build strong brands. We work with fast-growing companies looking to strengthen their presence in the marketplace through brand positioning, brand strategy into deign and communications.

For all our projects we provide the personal expertise of our Partners. We look forward to discussing your business.


Brand Strategy

Bridge the gap between a business strategy and a brand strategy through our workshops and planing processes..

Social Media

Over 75% of SMEs advertise and message solely on Social Media. Find out how to get your message across.

Executive Coaching

We don’t stop after the brand project is over. We combine a great strategy with ongoing Executive Coaching.

Every Brand Tells a Story

We take time and energy understanding our clients’ business. Many of our engagements are long term. We start with a small project, and then build on this core strategy over time

We love brands with authentic stories and heritage. All too often the heritage of a brand is overlooked, By understanding the provenance of a brand, we build a brand with depth, resonance and familiarity.

We strongly believe a coordinated approach requires attention to three areas. 

1. Plan and build the strategy.
2. Communicate on powerful social media.
3. Learn from coaching how to build a long term brand management culture.

  • Brand Strategy – 90%
  • Social Media – 77%
  • Executive Coaching – 85%

Rebranding Royal Courts of Justice

Helping re-generate 

Bringing insight and ideation to build your new brand.


Sports clubs and Teams 

Our design and strategy for sports clubs and teams build long-term reputations and sporting success.





Our creative energy seems to work well..

“Pitching against other top agencies, we made the right choice, i-dbrand brought the professional rigour and young creative talent”

Paul Idzik


“Working with i-dbrand was rewarding. Given the depth of knowledge needed in our industry, i-dbrand exceeded all our expectations.”

Ted Greeno

Director, Herbert Smith


Data Analyticals

Brand Articles

Cred Jewellery

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